Traditional beekeeping as a basis for beekeeping development in the Tropics: Proceedings of the first NECTAR seminar, held at the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam,
7 May 1990/ eds. J. Kaal... [ed al.].- Bennekom: NECTAR; [S.I.]; CTA With ref. ISBN 90-801204-1-3 

Bees and Forest in the Tropics Proceedings of the second NECTAR seminar, held at the international Agricultural Centre, Wageningen, 28 Aug. 1992 ed.: J. Beetsma - Bennekom: NECTAR; With 60 pages of annotated references of literature concerning beekeeping and forestry. ISBN 90801204-2-1 Subject headings: beekeeping. 


Perspectives for honey production in the tropics HONEY
, harvest, composition, processing, storage and marketing of Honey in tropical

apicultural systems. Proceedings of the third NECTAR seminar, held at the International Trade Centre, Utrecht, 18 dec. 1995 ed.: M. Sommeijer - Bennekom: NECTAR: With ref. ISBN 90-801204-3-X subject headings: beekeeping, honey.  EURO 15,- each


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Agrodoks are a series of publications on small-scale agriculture. The booklets are aimed at people who work directly with small-scale farmers in the South. Each provides a theoretical background on a particular topic and then explains its practical applications extensively. All Agrodoks are published in English, French and Portuguese; and some are also translated into Spanish or other languages (Kiswahili, Hindi). They can be downloaded (free-of-charge) in PDF format or ordered from Agromisa CTA.
The following publications on beekeeping  can be obtained:


Agrodok nr. 32, Pages: 84. A simple but thorough booklet dealing with many aspects of beekeeping

in the (sub)tropics. With many illustrative drawings and useful hints. Also available in French,

Portuguese and Kiswahili.

Agrodok nr. 42 : pages:95. Properties ,processing and marketing of beeproducts , . Also in French
and Portuguese.

These Agrodoks can be obtained at  Price: Euro 10,00.- each

Inhabitants of the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) can apply for this AGRODOK free of

charge at: CTA, P.O. Box 380, 6700 AJ Wageningen. The Netherlands 

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Management of Philippine bees - stingless bees and honey bees.

An excellent book with fresh information about stingless bees, and the Asian hive bee Apis cerana, and how to look after them. The book also describes the wild nesting giant honey bees Apis breviligula and Apis dorsata, how to harvest from them in a sustainable way, and how to process the honey and wax. Very well presented with many good colour photographs: this is a very useful text for beekeepers working with indigenous bees in Asia.

Author: Cleofas R Cervancia, Alejandro C Fajardo Jr, Analinda C Manila-Fajardo & Raymundo M Lucero


   Management of Philippine bees 
       Euro 25, plus postage.


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