What is NECTAR

NECTAR is a non governmental, non-profit association of tropical bee-keeping experts in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1990. NECTAR stimulates, promotes and advises on (sub)tropical beekeeping activities to interested parties in development assistance programs throughout the world.




Why this association?

Unlike in the Netherlands and some other western countries, beekeeping in the (sub)tropics is performed as an income generating activity. In the past, several beekeeping projects have been initiated by individuals as well as institutions active in developing assistance with more or less success. The problems these projects encounter mainly have to do with the fact that development assistance programs and governments do not recognize the special nature of these activities which need adequate expertise.


NECTAR was established with the following objectives:

  • to coordinate the support and to centralize the expertise on (sub)tropical beekeeping in The Netherlands,
  • to answer questions and give advice to potential and existing individual beekeepers and organizations, if necessary with the assistance of third parties,
  • to establish a reference network on (sub)tropical beekeeping that is intended for professional use,
  • to exchange knowledge and experience on (sub)tropical beekeeping during meetings and conferences,
  • to actively search for and disseminate expertise on specific topics by organizing seminars and publishing of the proceedings.
  • to advise development organizations concerning: feasibility studies, proposals, funding, technical assistance and evaluation of beekeeping development projects,
  • and to emphasize the importance of socio-economic aspects and research in beekeeping development.


Who are Members? 

NECTAR members have working experience in Asia, Central and South America, Africa and Australia with different bee species, Apis mellifera, Apis cerana, the Africanized honey bee as well as the stingless bees. The members are lecturers at the universities of Wageningen and Utrecht, working at research institutes in The Netherlands, and/or studying social insects and related areas, working or involved in beekeeping projects in the (sub)tropics. Since NECTAR members have different backgrounds and working experiences they are able to advise on a wide range of topics in (sub)tropical beekeeping. This field of expertise covers beekeeping techniques, harvesting of bee products, queen rearing, disease control and on the other hand feasibility studies, project proposals, project management and evaluations.

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